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Executive and Leadership Coaching


Executives often have little opportunity for open, unbiased, and productive dialogue. They often forego having the creative conversations that will help them achieve their goals, projects, and vision. Executives who leave their own development to chance often find their vision and enthusiasm dimming and their energy dwindling. Our coaching process will help you close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

Executive Coaching is a supportive professional relationship. Sessions are conducted either one-on-one or in small groups. Our goal is to help you stop and focus, achieve your personal goals, fine tune your performance and productivity, and enhance your leadership effectiveness.

In the Executive Coaching process, participants work with a personal Coach-as professional athletes or performance artists do. The coach offers an unbiased, objective, trained viewpoint for the executive to consider with the express intent of having clients achieve their desires in all areas of their life. Purposeful, dynamic interactions take place that create new and realistic possibilities for the future.

Objectives and Approach
During executive coaching, individuals get very clear on the personal and professional opportunities, goals, strategies, and outcomes they are truly committed to achieving. Leadership skills and development areas provide a framework for the coaching work. Clients identify the obstacles and barriers that stop them. They learn to suspend the psychological inner voice that can interfere with intended actions.

Coaching is done privately and confidentially either in person or via the telephone. The frequency of the sessions, dates, and times are adjusted to complement the executive's schedule. The work to be accomplished during the coaching period is determined by the executive and the coach in an initial coaching session. Other options include comprehensive 360 interviews by the coach and/or a 360 feedback assessment process to provide the coach with independent information about how the client is viewed by others. This information can expand the client's self-awareness as well. It is also often useful for the coach to observe key meetings to gain understanding of the organizational dynamics faced by the client.

Target Audience
We provide on-going, one-on-one coaching for executives, managers, and individual contributors. We also provide small group (5-6 people) telephone coaching support as a follow-up to our leadership development and team building programs.

Program Specifics
Logistics: Frequency of meetings, location (in-person or via telephone), and other terms of engagement are identified during initial contracting.


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