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Adventures in Teamwork
Applying Principles of High-Performance Teamwork


The ability to work in teams is critical to the success of organizations that will succeed in today's volatile marketplace. Speed and complexity require people to take different kinds of actions.

This modularly designed experiential team building program gives the flexibility to address the unique needs of each team building situation. We blend our skillful analysis with state of the art experiential learning interventions to help maximize your team's effectiveness. Adventures in Teamwork can be focused to expedite the formation of a new team or to provide an existing team with the feedback, knowledge and actions necessary to improve their performance. Our goal is to build your team's capacity to function at a high performing level by strengthening relationships, improving communications, resolving conflict, identifying roles and responsibilities, and establishing a common focus and direction.

Our use of experiential-based learning in team building has proven particularly effective in broadening the competencies of individual team members and in enhancing the overall effectiveness of intact work groups. We have found that this methodology provides the fastest way to get the "undiscussables" on the table to be addressed. The experiential-based challenges, coupled with post-exercise assessment and discussion, provide a neutral context to quickly surface team issues, enable the group to identify and work on their most critical obstacles, and enhance team effectiveness.

Program Objectives
As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Learn and apply leadership and team principles used in the development of successful high-performance teams and organizations

  • Gain insight and feedback into the "cause and effect" relationship between their actions and behavioral choices, and the results that they create

  • Explore issues that undermine or inhibit high-performance teamwork

  • Develop a personal and team improvement plan that will guide them in the application of the new leadership and team skills and behaviors they have learned

Sample Team Building Focus Areas
(We typically focus on 3-4 areas in a 2-day program)

  • Goal setting and measuring results
  • Creating a team charter
  • Using principles, guidelines, and boundaries
  • Team member roles and responsibilities
  • Cross-departmental team building
  • Team communication skills
  • Team problem solving
  • Making group decisions
  • Holding effective team meetings
  • Building customer relationships
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Facilitating groups
  • Planning for action
  • Building a collaborative team environment
  • Managing team conflict

Target Audience
Intact teams (single or multiple teams), cross-functional teams, virtual teams, newly formed teams, executive teams

Program Specifics
Program length: 2 days
Group size: Variable

Additional Components:

In-depth Pre-Program Team Assessment and Feedback
We assess team effectiveness, (via team interviews, and/or surveys), for teams to take a closer look at how they're functioning at a given point in time. Feedback reports include team strengths, areas for development, and recommended tools to increase team effectiveness.

Follow-up Coaching

We believe that team development is an on-going process and a team's ability and willingness to apply the learning gained from Adventures in Teamwork, is directly linked to the amount of follow-up support they receive upon returning to the workplace. VisionPoint plays an active role in designing and implementing follow-up support processes that you can manage internally or with our help. We highly recommend a follow-up phase be included in your program to ensure that your efforts and investment generate the results that you desire. Integrating follow-up coaching with this program ensures that the program results are sustained over time to solidify your success.

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