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The ability to work in teams is critical to the success of organizations that will succeed in today's volatile marketplace. VisionPoint offers its unique ability to blend skillful analysis with state of the art learning interventions to help maximize a team's performance.

We offer a full range of experiential-based team development tools to help increase team effectiveness. People find themselves on common ground, regardless of title, when they face unfamiliar tasks. The experiential-based challenges coupled with post-exercise assessment and discussion provide a neutral context to quickly surface team issues, enable the group to identify and work on their most critical obstacles, and enhance team effectiveness. Our exercises include exciting and fun indoor business simulations and outdoor adventure-based simulations. Our use of experiential-based learning in team building has proven particularly effective in broadening the competencies of individual team members and in enhancing the overall effectiveness of intact work groups.

Team Performance Applications/Sample Objectives
Examples of team situations where High Performance Team Development is particularly effective:

Team renewal
Team start-ups
Cross-departmental team building
Team assessment and feedback
Team leader coaching

Team renewal
Team development is an on-going process. We customize our team building programs to address the unique developmental needs of each particular client team. After assessing the team needs, we draw upon a wide variety of resources to design and develop our programs. Our programs are as diverse and unique as the clients we serve. Some programs may include outdoor team development exercises while others may include an indoor team business simulation integrated with a series of focused team discussions.

We believe that a team's ability and willingness to apply insights and learning that result from a team building program are directly linked to the amount of follow-up support they receive upon returning to the workplace. VisionPoint plays an active role in designing and implementing follow-up support processes that you can manage internally or with our help. Follow-up ensures that your efforts and investment generate the results you anticipate.

Team Start-ups
We help managers and their teams identify and clarify the team mission, critical success factors, team values and unique strengths when they are newly forming or re-establishing their identity and/or focus.

Cross-departmental team building
We explore the dynamics of cross-departmental teamwork-What constitutes exceptional internal service and the actions or inactions that result in poor service. Our program designs strategically focus on numerous issues that can inhibit or support cross-departmental teamwork. These include building (and losing) trust, communicating needs, sharing resources, and listening for understanding.

Team assessment and feedback
We assess team effectiveness, (via team interviews, and/or surveys), for teams to take a closer look at how they're functioning at a given point in time. Feedback reports include team strengths, areas for development, and recommended tools to increase team effectiveness.

Team leader coaching
We provide individual consultation and coaching sessions with a team leader to help assess problems, and plan and implement a team approach.

Target Audience
Existing teams, newly forming teams, cross-functional teams, and team leaders.

Program Specifics
Program length: Variable (based on program objectives)
Group size: Variable

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