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Management Development Strategies

A well-integrated management development strategy can assist an organization by clearly communicating expectations of its leaders and managers. An integrated training and development strategy is critical regardless of whether your organization delivers two workshops each year or has a broad offering of 30 different programs.

At VisionPoint, we work with clients to create core curricula and leadership development programs that support corporate goals and objectives. We use our Organization Development expertise, perspectives, and practices to help organizations provide training curricula that make sense for their unique business. We help develop curricula that are competency-based and experientially driven to intentionally communicate organizational messages and expectations.

Consulting Services
Types of services we partner with clients to provide and create cohesive, core curricula and programs:

  • Identifying the "ideal" culture needed to achieve business objectives
  • Conducting leadership competency studies
  • Developing training and leadership development strategies
  • Creating development plans for individual managers and executives
  • Providing workshop and program design
  • Identifying and recommending vendors (for offerings not provided by VisionPoint)
  • Delivering workshops

Target Audience
We work with executives, senior management, and human resource management to create curricula solutions.

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