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Products and Tools

Leader's Kits
These simulation Leader's Kits and licensing are available to purchase for internal delivery only and must be facilitated by certified internal trainers or licensed external trainers:

On The Mark Products

  Change of Course — Magnifies the impact of cross-functional collaboration in maximizing organizational performance and individual results while operating in an environment of change and uncertainty

Eagle's Flight Products

  Excelleron™ — Fast-paced simulation that demonstrates the challenges and rewards of real win-win negotiating and how to achieve best results through productive relationships
  Gold of the Desert Kings® — Highlights the distinction of effort versus productivity and the need for effective strategic planning, goal setting, communication, leadership, and teamwork to maximize organizational performance
  Promises, Promises!™ — Magnifies the internal service chain and the need for trust, a common vision, and effective communication to build the foundation for cross-functional teamwork and a high-performance organization

These products/tools are available for purchase and can be used internally or by external consultants with their clients:

Interel's Action Learning Devices

  Electric Maze
Electric Maze® is a popular Action Learning Device used by many of the world's leading corporations. Its versatility makes it easy to create high-impact learning environments tailored to meet diverse leadership and team developmental goals. This dynamic learning tool can be used to illustrate the value of effective communication, skillful planning, leadership roles, coaching, and achieving success through team process.
NetWork™ is the most economical series of Action Learning Devices. It can create high impact, interactive, accelerated learning environments for leadership, team and organizational development. Its ultra-portability makes it popular with trainers and consultants who frequently travel.
Pyramid™ is an engaging large group tool. This highly interactive activity can help cross-functional groups discover the value of collaboration, improved communication, and shared resources.
Sentinel™ is a unique Action Learning Device that challenges both individuals and teams to find their way through a three-dimensional labyrinth. Planning, leadership, and communication skills are tested as participants gain valuable knowledge while exploring their environment. As in business, changing conditions require flexibility and adjustments enroute to successful outcomes.
  Team Trek
TeamTrek™ is an innovative portable version of the outdoor activity 'trolleys.' TeamTrek challenges teams to find the most effective means of transporting themselves towards their goal. Planning, communication, teamwork, coordination, and many more outcomes are possible with this high-energy activity.
Attaché™ is a new series of ultra-portable Action Learning Devices housed in durable attaché style cases. These tools enable trainers and consultants who travel frequently to create a variety of activity-based learning programs that require little activity space or strenuous effort by participants.

Additional information on any of these products and tools contact us at
925-944-0140 or e-mail us at

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