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Organizational Change

Organizations are buffeted by constant change as they strive to respond to today's business conditions. In response, many organizations have undertaken complex strategic changes. These changes include new technology implementation, reorganization, changing/shifting or reinforcing the existing culture to drive business results, shifting from product to service orientations, and mergers or acquisitions.

These and other major organizational changes are fraught with risk. Thus far, results have been less than stellar. Research shows that more than 75% of all major change efforts fail to achieve their intended objective. The technical solutions have been right but inadequate attention was paid to the "people" and "organizational" aspects of change.

Almost unanimously, executives indicate that the cost and pain of these changes were huge. What are the most troublesome issues? Culture change, loss of executive and technical talent, loss of intellectual capital, inadequate technical and organizational infrastructures, lawsuits, and disenfranchised customers are all cited as contributing to falling short of goals.

VisionPoint Consulting addresses these executive concerns by helping our clients embed desired behaviors into their organization's culture through our consulting, targeted interventions, and programs. Our approach is based on systems thinking, employs large-scale change methodologies, and integrates business, technical, and human systems to achieve extraordinary results.

Consulting Services and Programs
Consulting Services include processes, expertise and long-term support for creating and implementing successful change initiatives. These services vary depending upon the needs of a client and can include facilitation, coaching, organizational and leadership development, change management, large-scale change, visioning, performance and metrics calibration, and a variety of other interventions.

VisionPoint's unique experiential learning activities serve as a catalyst to help people see their environment in new and fresh ways-ways they normally don't in the course of their day-to-day work. Our goal is to create a safe environment and to provide an objective looking glass. Using varied methodologies, we encourage participants to see the "unseen" and to explore what is possible. We have also learned over time that our experiential learning methodology is one of the most powerful methods to help people talk honestly so they can start discussing the "undiscussable"- what is not working or what is preventing them from maximizing their results.

Target Audience
We work with executives, senior management, and internal change consultants that are considering, initiating or implementing organizational shifts, transitions, and/or changes.


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