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Mission, Vision, and Direction Setting

VisionPoint Consulting is often called upon to assist our clients with their business planning process. Our consulting services are customized to the unique needs of each client. In general, however, we often begin our work with clients by conducting an assessment to identify the organization's wants, needs, and opportunities. As we continue working with organizations, we create a context in which thought leaders can step back and examine the current state of the business and contrast it with their desired future. We then assist with strategy planning to move the organization forward.

Consulting Services
Consulting services include identifying, refining, and solidifying organizational and leadership team approaches and plans related to:

  • Environmental Scanning - Examines the marketplace, outside of the organization's business, for both current and anticipated conditions
  • Mission - Assesses the broad purpose for which the organization exists
  • Vision - Creates a clear image of the desired future (a point on the horizon that helps to steer decisions and navigate through course corrections)
  • Values - Describes beliefs about what is important and therefore what influences thinking, behavior and decisions in the organization
  • Goals - Identifies business targets that require contributions by all parts of the organization
  • Current Business Situation Assessment - Describes requirements, expectations, strengths, weaknesses, competitive pressures, etc. that the business is currently facing
  • Strategy - Describes the approach the thought leaders will take to move from the current state to the desired state (this approach integrates an organization's major goals, policies and action sequence into a cohesive whole)
  • Objectives - Describes the next level of goal specificity that pertains to department/functions
  • Team Charter - Identifies how the leadership team will operationalize its business plan

Target Audience
These services are targeted for executive and senior management/leadership teams.

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