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Excelleron™ is a fast paced exercise that demonstrates the importance of building win-win relationships. As the twelve clans buy, sell, and trade valuable items, attempting to increase their clan's net worth, the need to balance task accomplishment with building long-term relationships is clearly highlighted. This learning tool explores the potential causes for interpersonal conflict and generates a positive commitment to change. The following provides an overview of this simulation:

The Experience: After years of careful training and preparation, the elite members of the 12 clans have gathered to determine which clans will prove themselves worthy of becoming Elders, role models that have proven their capabilities to achieve exceptional results. In order to receive The Order of Excelleron they must demonstrate their capabilities by planning strategy, trading, and negotiating with other clans to obtain the highest possible score for their clan. But this is only part of their challenge. The clans must also pass the Test of the Shumas-a test that allows the other clans to determine if their score was ethically and honestly achieved.

Simulation Objectives
Excelleron™ provides a powerful start to your meeting or conference by:

  • Magnifying the need to build productive relationships to achieve optimal results and success over the long term
  • Reinforcing the need to build trust, the cornerstone of successful long-term interpersonal relationships
  • Demonstrating the value and power of gathering and sharing information
  • Providing participants with the opportunity to experience and respond to the same pressures of negotiating and communicating effectively with others that they face daily in the workplace
  • Highlighting the challenges and rewards of win-win negotiations

Target Audience
Groups who are focusing on acquiring a competitive edge through a balance of high productivity and relationship building

Program Specifics
Program length: 4 hours
Group size: Minimum of 12 (no maximum)

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