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What's Possible

What's Possible (an On the Mark product) is an innovative, customizable, and interactive program that has participants experience the creative power of thinking from a "what's possible" perspective. It helps people see how they can make decisions based on a "what's possible" approach to problem solving instead of making decisions limited by the constraints of the current circumstances or situation. This strategic approach gives people experience with "thinking outside the box" and unlocks the ability to create innovative, time saving, cost effective solutions.

Simulation Objectives
Through this series of exercises participants will::

  • Discover that a "what's possible" approach to problem solving yields very different and more desirable results than solutions that flow from a "what's necessary" approach
  • Discover how much of their decision making is limited by the needs and demands flowing from the current situation
  • Explore the barriers that keep them from seeing new approaches and opportunities that can lead to radically different and trend-setting results
  • Learn that it is possible to effectively manage the needs of the current situation while creating an unprecedented result for the future
  • Discover the power of focusing on and being driven by the desired end first-then aligning decisions to create more of that result
  • Experience "breakthroughs" that allow them to accomplish results that only minutes before were viewed as impossible
  • Walk away with a revitalized sense of "What's Possible"

Target Audience
This program is designed for individuals and groups who want and need to develop a more strategic approach to problem solving and who want to enjoy the insights and discoveries in the process.

Program Specifics
Program length: 2-8 hours (customizable to meet your needs)
Group size: Minimum of 8 participants (no maximum)

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