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Promises, Promises!™ is an action-packed, experiential organizational effectiveness simulation. The program highlights how an organization treats its internal customers, and how this directly reflects its ability to service its external customers. This learning tool explores the potential causes for interdepartmental conflict and generates a positive commitment to change.

The Experience: Ten political parties (teams) have made promises to their respective nations. If these promises are met, the politicians will remain in power. If not, they are removed from office and relegated to a life of disgrace. Each nation starts off with an allotted amount of wealth, food, environmental programs and something called "scandals." To obtain the resources promised to their people, each team must build relationships with, depend on, and support other countries-some of which are clearly not friendly.

Simulation Objectives
Promises, Promises!™ provides a powerful start to your meeting or conference by:

  • Generating lively discussion about cross-functional teamwork, and establishing an environment that supports trust and open communications
  • Exploring the real issues surrounding internal customer service
  • Providing a magnified view of the Customer Service Chain
  • Reinforcing the necessary attitudes to create high-performance teamwork

Target Audience
Teams and individuals who experience cross-departmental teamwork and who will benefit from insights related to building trust, communication, sharing resources, listening, and discussing issues that inhibit/support cross-departmental accomplishments

Program Specifics
Program length: 4 hours
Group size: Minimum of 10 (no maximum)

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