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Outdoor Team Building

Outdoor Team Building programs contain a variety of hands-on problem-solving exercises in which individuals and groups can experiment with and practice the essentials of leadership and teamwork. Outdoor programs allow participants to experience and respond to the same pressures that they face daily in the workplace, in a fun and non-threatening way. These exercises mirror organizational issues and provide participants with the opportunity to discover for themselves the cause-and-effect relationship between what does and does not work when applying their skills

Simulation Objectives
Outdoor Team Building can enhance team effectiveness by:

  • Providing a neutral context to quickly surface team issues
  • Enabling groups to identify and work on their most critical obstacles
  • Emphasizing practical solutions rather than theoretical solutions
  • Providing a unique learning experience for small and large groups

Target Audience
Teams and organizations that want to experiment with and practice the essentials of leadership and teamwork

Program Specifics
Program length: Variable (based on program objectives)
Group size: Variable

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