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Tu Casa, Mi Casa

Tu Casa, Mi Casa (an On the Mark product) is an innovative program that has participants experience and practice the power of seeing things as others see them. Mastering this skill can unlock an empathy that improves relationships. This can result in more productive interactions. Negotiating, influencing, and selling can improve. Participants explore creative solutions to some of the more challenging communication issues people encounter when interacting with others. The program is fun, insightful, and interactive. Participants develop skills they can apply immediately.

Tu Casa, Mi Casa is a three-part experience. First, participants develop an approach for stepping into the other person's frame of reference using a simple analogy. This analogy becomes the "living language" during and after the program. Next, participants are challenged as they suspend their judgment of others to see what others see versus what they may see. Finally, participants test their insights and knowledge against old habits and approaches thereby providing further insights into what they know versus what they do.

The experiences in Tu Casa, Mi Casa are engaging and fast moving. They include dialogue, experiential exercises, debriefs, and brainstorming

Simulation Objectives
Through this series of exercises participants will::

  • Develop a simple approach to stepping into another's frame of reference
  • Discover that what they perceive as "an adequate understanding" of the other person's perspective more often than not, is not adequate
  • Practice seeing things as others see them
  • Develop a key element in successfully influencing others

Target Audience
This program is designed for groups and individuals who would benefit from improving interactions with others and mastering skills that result in having others feel valued and understood.

Program Specifics
Program length: 3 hours
Group size: Minimum of 8 participants (no maximum)

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